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Coalition of Civil Commuities for Victims of the Earthquake/Tsunami

in Aceh and North Sumatra

[19 JANUARY 2005, 20:00]

1. Urgent Needs Info

IDPs in Sukamaju, Kecamatan Simeuleue Timur, Kabupaten Simeuleue have been attacked by fever and diarrhea and are not yet receiving medical assistance, including medicines. This situation is being worsened by the lack of sanitation. According to data there are around 23,003 IDPs in Kabupaten Simeuleue, spread over 4 villages: Kuala Makmur, Gunung Cibau (Kecamatan Simeuleue Timur), Lanti (Kecamatan Tepa Barat), and Dammon (Kecamatan Talang).

Most part of north-west Simeulue has been destroyed, the inhabitants have lost their houses and boats, all of the government infrastructure is damaged. There are only a few IDP tents and no food supplies: although Surfaid International has given out 200 packets containing cleaning equipment, dried fish, fruit and vegetables, and tools and building supplies, there is not enough. There are still many floating bodies in the waters between Banyak island and Simeulue islands.

According to data there are IDP points in 4 kecamatan in Aceh Singkil: Singkil, Singkil Utara, Gunung Ria and Simpang Kanan. To dated around 850 IDPs are recorded as staying in relatives' homes and not yet receiving logistical assistance because of this even though this area is passed every day by logistical transport on its way to Meulaboh. At present both IDPs and the inhabitants who have taken in IDPs need staples (rice sugar, cooking oil, canned fish).

47 pregnant women, 91 nursing mothers 91 babies and 122 elderly people out of 2040 IDPs living in SMU Seunodon, Kecamatan Seunodon, Kabupaten Aceh Utara need wells dug and extra sanitary facilities because of the number of IDPs bathing in swamps which also serve as sewage facilities for 9 sanitary facilities. Baby nutrition (milk, baby food), nutrition for pregnant and nursing mothers (pregnancy and nursing milk), staples (rice, sugar, instant noodles, coffee, salt fish, canned fish, cooking oil, green beans) women's needs (softex, underwear, bras, jilbabs) baby's needs (vests, clothes, nappies, blankets, powder, baby oil), bathing needs (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, towels).

1,600 IDPs are recorded in Kecamatan Keude Aceh, Kota Lhokseumawe, to date. Apart from needing staples, medicines (for diarrhea, itches, flu and fever) they also have urgent needs because many of them, especially children are suffering from diarreha and itches. Transportation between Lhokseumawe and Medan has been cut as a result of floods and this is causing obstacles to the sending of assistance.

Because IDPs at 3 points Kecamatan Peusangan, Kabupaten Bireun have no sanitary facilities in their barracks, many of them are using the rivers and yards as toilets. The result is they are suffering from itches and a mother has died in childbirth. They need staples, and sanitary facilities, water sanitation, and medicines (for itches, flu, difficulty breathing, headaches).

In addition, IDPs in Kecamatan Samalanga, Jeunib dan Simpang Matang in Bireun are hoping for sacrificial meat to be shared out for Idhul Adha. Urgent needs which have not yet been sent are bedding (blankets, thick mats, pillows) staples (rice, canned fish, cooking oil, sugar, coffee/tea) kitchen equipment (hobs, frying pans, saucepans, kerosene) water containers, general practitioners, and counsellors/psychologists.

767 IDPs in Kecamatan Mila in Pidie need staples (rice, sugar, canned fish, cooking oil, green beans) and baby food (milk, flour). 2 of them have died from drinking river water thought to contain wastes. 38,872 IDPs are recorded as spread over 57 IDP points in 15 Kecamatan in Kabupaten Pidie: Pidie, Simpang, Kembang Tanjung, Bandar Baru, Pante Raja, Trieng Gading, Meureudeu, Meurah Dua, Ulim, Bandar Dua, Batee, Muara Tiga, Peukan Baru, and Kota Sigli. Generally speaking they are suffering from diarrhea, itches, coughs, and fever. They urgently need medicines, clean water and staples (rice, sugar, cooking oil, protein foods).

8,624 IDPs are recorded to date in 5 kecamatans in Aceh Besar: Meurebo, Johan Pahlawan, Samatiga, Kaway, Arongan Lambalek. The Indonesian Red Cross Post working in this area needs transportation and ambulances for logistics and medical distribution in Kecamatan Darussalam and Banda Aceh, Kecamatan Jantho, Lamno, Lhok Nga, P. Nasi (Aceh Besar and Calang (Aceh Jaya).

To date 17,200 bodies and building debris have been removed in Banda Aceh. Brimob has closed down removal of building debris at Kompleks Bintara for civilians because the place are thought to store weapons. Meanwhile the command post in Universitas Syah Kuala, Kecamatan Darussalam, where there are 1,896 IDPs lacks clean water, staples (rice, protein foods, sugar, cooking oil) and cooking equipment (hobs, frying pans, saucepans, kerosene). Apart from this command post, Garda Muslimah in Kecamatan Darussalam where there are 3,300 IDPs, many of whom are suffering from fever, flu and diarrhea. They need medicines, staples, and baby milk.

2. General Info

Apart from Teunom and Calang a new IDP point, in Kecamatan Panga (60 km from Meulaboh) has been identified. Kecamatan Panga is still cut off because it is closed to transportation. It takes I night's walk to get there or a motor trail must be used. To get there by sea means using a large boat becaue of the large waves.

7 IDP points have been identifed in Kecamatan Kuala, Kabupaten Nagan Raya: Duafa Suak Kentong housing estate, Padang Rubek oil refinery, Ujung Fatihah State Elementary School, Fajar Baiduri complex, Padang Panjang football pitch, Iyek island and Duafa Alue Item housing estate.

The Indonesian Red Cross Command Post in Meulaboh needs heavy equipment for excavation of bodies and excavation team equipment (masks, gloves, long coats and body bags).

The NGO Forum in Banda Aceh is collecting data on IDPs and their locations and also sending a medical team to Lamreh, Banda Aceh. This post requests logistic dispatching assistance.

2 containers of tarpaulin, rice, sarongs, clothes, and clean water are leaving for Meulaboh. Also survey volunteers who went to Calang and Tenoum have returned to Meulaboh while 10 volunteers have been sent with staples, medicines and generators to areas still cut off.

Walhi in Jakarta is opening registration of volunteers to go to Aceh with the specifications: doctors, paramedics, and general volunteers. Walhi will be sending 5 doctors (pediatrician, obstetrician, anaestheologist, and general practioner); 4 nurses, 1 pharmacist, and 47 general volunteers on 22 January 2005. Contact (021) 794 1617

OXFAM have built 75 clean water and sanitation facilities in Meulaboh. Posts needing assistance from this international organisation should contact them.

Ikatan Ahli Geologi Indonesia (IAGI) is providing updates on the hydrogeological map. This administrative map at the village level includes population data, topographical maps, surface river maps, location of P2AT sources at 78 points, and a map of wells from a survey of the Directorate General of Geological and Mineral Resources, Directorate General of Geological Resources, Bandung 1989 of 150 points, map of IDP locations, and a surface water map. They are reconstructing potential deep and shallow aquifer information. Those interesting in providing clean water can contact the working group IAGI in Jakarta by email Tato emailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty, abyste ji viděli, povolte JavaScript .

Posts needing sacrificial meat should contact Dompet Dhuafa.

The Kontras Post di Medan will be facilitating a coordination meeting of the posts of Coalition in Medan and has sent kerosene to Meulaboh.

Recommendations/Action Alert

1. Needs of IDPs/Survivors

* The need for staples (rice, cooking oil, kerosene, and foods), cooking equipment, underwear, prayer needs, bedding, sanitary facilities, clean water and bathing needs in Bireun, Pidie, Aceh Jaya, Aceh Singkil, Simeuleu Island has yet to receive attention. These needs are basic and are needed by all the IDPs in Aceh on an ongoing basis.

* The needs of pregnant women, nursing mothers and babies in Kecamatan Seunodon, Aceh Utara for nutrition and equipment including childbirth needs have to be prepared. This also needs priority in other IDP locations.

* IDPs in Kecamatan Mila in Pidie, who are dying from drinking river water containing wastes need attention.

* IDPs' need for clean water that they do not use swamp water for bathing and defecation etc. needs attention, as in Bireun dan Aceh Utara.

* IDPs living in relatives' homes and with IDP recipients need logistical assistance like those living in IDP stations.

2. Volunteers

* Specific skills needed are: nutrion, sanitation, construction of clean water facilities, and midwives.

3. Emergency-Relief Coordination work

Jakarta and Medan posts sending volunteers to Aceh please contact or coordinate with field stations who need volunteers.
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Ahoj Teddy,

díky za příspěvek, jen jsem ti ho přesunul do relevantního fóra, protože tam, kams ho umístil, neměl co dělat (že tys nečetl pravidla našeho fóra? :!: :?: )...
Jo, ještě jsi mohl připojit alespoň zdroj, ze kterého to máš. :wink:

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